The Journey To Make Our MicroBrewery

See how the fishkey brewing company was created

The Journey To Make Our Microbrewery

The idea for the Fishkey brewing company has been simmering for some time now, so we are excited and proud to announce that those ideas have finally come to fruition. Although the journey to make our microbrewery is just beginning, we feel confident that our little brewing company in Looe is creating some very interesting delicious beers and can’t wait to start work on our new flavours. We’ve received rave reviews and some fantastic feedback from the punters in and around Cornwall so far and would like this opportunity to say thanks, guys.

Before Pete and I started our brewing company we had a firm idea about brand and style, we wanted to create something different, beers that stood out from the crowd and we feel as though we’ve achieved this goal. When thinking of location it was a no brainer, Granite Quay in Looe, Cornwall won our hearts. Our surroundings make the day-to-day brewing process a real pleasure, see for yourself.

What A Place To Work

The Fishkey Brewery Is Taking Shape



A Little Advice, Some Work & The Brewing Begins



Oh Look, A delivery Has Arrived



Time To Barrel & Bottle, After Fish & Chips Of Course



Boxed, Loaded, And Delivered. Time To Taste