October Beer Festivals

October Beer Festivals are here!

How exciting to be showcasing our selection of Fishkey Beers at some of the most popular festivals in the country. We now have three beers to showcase, Hip Hop, Hop2it and the new addition Brew.T.

The first beer festival during October is the Robin Hood Nottingham Beer Festival.

October 12th – 15th

nottingham beer festival October 2016

The next beer festival is the Oxford Beer & Cider Festival.

October 13th – 15th

oxford beer festival

The next beer festival is the Falmouth Beer & Cider Festival

October 20th – 21st & 22nd

fishkey beers at falmouth beer festival

The last beer festival during October is the Le Gothique Beer Festival

October 26th – 29th

fishkey beers at wandsworth beer festival


These festivals are great community¬†events that provide beer enthusiasts with quirky and great tasting beers. It’s the perfect opportunity for local brewers to showcase their products to a wide audience. Come along and try our Fishkey beers and much more, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Happy tasting x