Make Quality Beer With Fishkey Brewing Company

The Ingredients

English Malted Barley




Make Quality Beer
The first thing we do before we make quality beer is ensure that our brewing grain is of a high quality and ready to go. We source our malted barley locally in the UK, we use a process called mashing to extract the sugars and warm cracked malt in temperature-modulated water at approximately 66 degrees. This process activates the enzymes which cleave more of the malt’s remaining starch into various sugars, we then sparge with hot liquor (water) and transfer to our big kettle.

Our Selection Of Hops


We run a rolling boil for 90 minutes then add add the hops, this boiling process is critical for two main reasons. Firstly, and from a historical point, most importantly, it sterilizes the beer. Secondly, the hops add flavour to the beer. We add hops earlier in the boil to release the bitterness. If we want to add more flavour and aroma, we add the hops later in the process. The next stage is to transfer the mix to a fermenting vessel, cooling the wart (beer) to approx 18 degrees.

Nottingham Ale Yeast

Now for the fun! From the moment the yeast is added it gets to work eating the sugars that were created during the big mash up, expelling carbon dioxide and alcohol. Fermentation time can vary greatly, from a few days for a simple ale, to over a month for lagers, we leave our beers for approximately seven days to ensure we our beers taste great. Once fermentation is over, and the yeast has worked it’s way through the off-flavors, it becomes dormant and begins to settle to the bottom of the vessel.

Casking Our Beers

The final and most rewarding step of the Fishkey beer-making process is the packing and tasting. Luckily, we don’t forget this part, or else we’d all be drinking directly from rather large conditioning tanks. Our Beer is packed into bottles and kegs then delivered to various establishments around Cornwall and the local area, but not until we’ve had a tasting.

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