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The Fishkey brewing company started out as an idea in Pete’s head, and a year ago we decided to turn those ideas into reality, after a little sweat and a lot of hard work our brewing company was born. Pete and I have been involved in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry for over a decade and feel qualified enough to recognise a good beer. Pete believes that the ability to produce unusual beers is one of the big strengths of microbreweries today. “Brewing is a very traditional industry,” he says. “What’s nice about the Fish key brewing company is that we still respect tradition, but aren’t afraid to experiment.” Last year we decided to take the leap and set up the Fishkey Brewing Company, since then we have successfully created and distributed two beers, Hop2it and HipHop and have another two on the way, Brew.T, and RED IPA. The feedback and support have been fantastic, and we can’t thank those enough who have taken the time to review our beers.

We’re brewing quality beers and providing you with a little taste of the Granite Quay, our philosophy is to brew traditional beers and not worry about experimenting as we go. If you would like to buy or sell our beers please contact us.

We always use quality ingredients

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