A Great Place To Make Beer

Our surroundings make brewing the beers a pleasure


Looe is situated on both sides of the River Looe. The two towns are joined together by a bridge across the river. East Looe includes the harbour and the main shopping centre. West Looe is quieter but also has shops, restaurants and hotels. They are joined by a seven arched bridge, built in 1853. It has been a holiday resort for more than 200 years, and has relied heavily on the tourist industry.

It's worth visiting the harbour quay to watch the fishing boats coming in to unload their catches. The arrival of the small fishing fleet is a busy and colourful scene. Local fish can be found on the menus of many local restaurants. The banjo pier is a popular point from which to see the returning fishing trawlers at high tide. Our brewery is situated on the Quay and the views are breath taking.


There are plenty of boating and fishing trips setting out from the harbour during the season. This includes the more exotic shark fishing. In addition, there are several beaches very close to the town. East Looe has an exquisite beach beside the pier. In West Looe there is Hannafore Beach, from which there is a view across to Looe island. Looe Island is only just off the coast of Looe and once a year, when there is an exceptionally low tide it is just possible to walk to it.

East Looe centres on its broad sandy beach. Stretching back from a grid of narrow streets forming the main business area of the town, packed with many small shops, restaurants and pubs. Along the estuary lies the Quay with its fish merchants and the Fishkey Brewing Company. Annually in late September, the town is the destination of choice for thousands of music lovers and top name performers for the Looe music festival.


Every recipe we think of and all our ingredients used are mixed on the Quay, the finings from our fish are a key element to the beers we produce.